Charities SORP

Application guidance for charity accounting

Meeting of the Charities SORP-making body

Edinburgh - 12 March 2020


Joint Chairs:
Laura Anderson, Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR)
Nigel Davies, Charity Commission England and Wales (CCEW)

In attendance as observer(s):
Jelena Griscenko, Charities Regulator (CR)

Myles McKeown, Charity Commission for Northern Ireland (CCNI)
Jenny Carter, Financial Reporting Council (FRC)

Purpose of the meeting:

To consider the next steps in the engagement strategy following the discussion at the preceding meeting of the Charities SORP Committee and to consider the urgent request to issue COVID-19 related guidance on financial reporting by charities.

Agreed actions from the meeting:

  • Agreed to develop and issue advice the financial and operational effect of COVID-19 on financial reporting by charities in the form of advice from the SORP-making body (CCEW).
  • Agreed to take a further paper on the initial topics to facilitate the work of the proposed engagement strands to the next SORP Committee meeting (OSCR).
  • Agreed that prior to convening the engagement strands that the role of the convenor be explored at the next SORP Committee meeting (CCEW).
  • A holding letter to be issued to all engagement stands applicants. Text to be agreed prior to despatch by the Joint Chairs (CCEW).
  • Noted that having listened to the SORP Committee discussion earlier that day, a member of the SORP-making body had suggested that the impact of COVID-19 on charities be considered by the Joint Chairs and a briefing circulated on the issues to the charity regulators (OSCR).