Charities SORP

Application guidance for charity accounting

Making a subject access request for personal data

The SORP-making body is not an organisation in its own right but is a collective made up of the three charity regulators in the UK with the charity regulator in the Republic of Ireland participating as an observer. We are assisted by CIPFA which provides the secretariat service to our advisory Charities SORP Committee. There may therefore be more than one organisation using (processor) your data and therefore no single organisation retaining (storing) it for use.

Your personal data is valuable and you have a legal right to request to know what data we hold about you and to know how it is processed by us and the reason(s) for our retaining it. You therefore have the right to ask us whether or not one of the participating organisations in the SORP-making body or CIPFA is using (processing) or storing your personal information. You can also ask us for copies of your personal information.

If you wish to exercise your right to make a subject access request you should follow the following steps so that we can fulfil your request.

Step 1 - identify how you made contact with us by looking at the applicable privacy notice: Data Privacy to find out to which organisation(s) you may need to make your request
Step 2 - recall to the best of your knowledge with which organisation(s) you shared your data
Step 3 - contact the organisation(s) using their process for handling subject access requests

Having identified which organisation(s) may hold your data you please make your request via one (or more) of the following web addresses:

Contact us

Contact us through the process set out on the organisation’s website (see above) and when making a request please mark it 'SORP Subject Access Request' and please include in the request a note of which privacy notice(s) apply so that we can retrieve your data and answer your request.