Charities SORP

Application guidance for charity accounting


CIPFA Offices, Edinburgh

The meeting is being held at CIPFA’s Edinburgh offices. Refreshments will be available with a working lunch. The meeting starts at 11am and formal business ends at 2.30pm.

Agenda Items:

1 Welcome from Nigel Davies, Laura Anderson and Myles Mckeown, Joint Chairs of the Charities SORP Committee
Apologies for absence and declarations of interest
11.00 to 11.15
2 Member aspirations about the process and points for clarification- all members 11.15 to 12.00
3 Feedback from the interview process about how the new process might work- opportunities and challenges- Chairs’ presentation (over a working lunch) 12.00 to 12.50
4 Discussion about the next steps- initial ideas about the new engagement process- Chairs (PAPER 1) 12.50 to 13.30
5 Member induction- initial ideas and feedback from members (PAPER 2) – Chairs 13.30 to 14.00
6 Charities SORP Information Sheets- update from CIPFA 14.00 to 14.10
7 Use of the SORP in the Republic of Ireland- update from Charities Regulator 14:10 to 14:20
8 Any other business and date for next meeting:
  • Dates for 2020
  • New SORP Information sheet- implementation issues
14.20 to 14.30