Charities SORP

Application guidance for charity accounting

Meeting of the Charities SORP-making body

Conference call - 11 November 2020


Joint Chairs:
Laura Anderson, Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR)
Nigel Davies, Charity Commission England and Wales (CCEW)
Damian Sands, Charity Commission for Northern Ireland (CCNI)

In attendance as observer(s):
Jelena Griscenko, Charities Regulator (CR)

Purpose of the meeting:

The meeting was convened solely to consider feedback from the volunteer SORP engagement strand convenors on the draft presentation to the SORP Committee and to agree how best to progress the presentation to the joint SORP convenor: SORP Committee meeting being held on 17 November.

Agreed actions from the meeting:

  • Agreed Laura to chair the meeting (OSCR)
  • The revised high-level presentation with supporting paper was favoured as the basis for the presentation with the final edits made to accommodate recent feedback (OSCR)
  • That the convenors be invited to individually comment and volunteers sought to talk to the initial presentation (OSCR)